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Teachers’ Council

The BC Teachers' Council is comprised of 16 elected and appointed members, 15 of whom are voting members. Of the 15 voting members of the BC Teachers' Council, 5 are elected from among the teachers of the province, 3 are appointed directly by the Minister on the advice of the BC Teachers' Federation, and the remaining 7 are appointed by the Minister from the various education partner groups. One non-voting member is appointed by the Minister.

The Council receives its mandate from theTeachers Act. It is responsible for setting standards for teachers in areas of teacher education, certification, conduct and competence. Nine members of this council, 5 of whom must be from partner groups other than the BCTF, will sit on the Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board from which disciplinary panels will be formed.

Elections for the Council are held every three years, with the first elections taking place in 2012.

The next elections will take place in early February of 2015. Every BCTF member will receive a ballot in the mail at his/her home address, with a self addressed, stamped envelope that must be returned before March 20th.

The BCTF-endorsed candidates for the BC Teachers’ Council are as follows:

Fraser Zone

Lawrence Greeff (35 Langley)


Vancouver Coastal Zone

John Hall (48 Sea to Sky)

Please make sure to vote in this important election. If you have any further questions about the Teachers’ Council, please call the DTA office.





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