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The Delta Teachers’ Association Honours Retirees

On Monday, June 17, the Delta Teachers’ Association held a celebration honouring teachers who retired this school year.  Retirees had the opportunity to share their retirement plans and their most memorable teaching moments.


The Delta Teachers’ Association wishes the following colleagues a happy, healthy retirement:

Susan Affleck Susan Greenwood Janice O'Brien
Darryl Barber Nancy Hamilton Cathleen Peters
Brenda Black Darlene Howerton Audrey Pfitzenmaier
Cynthia Bodman Donna Jenner Jacqueline Pipe
Glen Bruhn Curt Karila Tracey Shelley
Kellie Buis Monica Klasen Paul Sidoo
Margaret Chambers Ava Krakus Brian Tivy
Suzie Charette Katherine (Kathy) Lumsdon Donna Wilson
Virginia Dean Cindy Malone Donna Wood
Suzane Egan-Olsen Penny Marcakis Peter Yang
Nicolette (Niki) Gilmour Elaine McKenna  




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