In-School Remedy

Local remedy agreements from 2019 onward consist of pooling leftover remedy into school sites. If you are unsure if in-school remedy funding applies to you please check with your school remedy committee or school office staff.

Process for applying for In-School Remedy funds:

  • Member goes to the DTA website to access the school-based remedy PD form to complete
  • The remedy committee or office staff at the school site advise the member whether they can access remedy funding and how much is available to them
  • The member sends the application to with the site-approved amount of funds listed
  • PD application is then vetted by our office staff and the PD Chair according to regular PD funding rules, using the BCTF PD lens
    • Of note: The PD Committee has recently voted to allow international travel to the USA only for all PD funding
  • Approval based on the condition the amounts listed for funding are accurate and verified by the school site
  • Once the member has completed the PD, required receipts are then sent to the DTA office for approval
  • DTA will provide authorization through email for the member to be paid out the final correct amount of funds used at the school site

Below is the link to the In-School Remedy PD Funding form. Applications for Credit Courses must be submitted before the course begins. For conferences or workshops, applications must be submitted a minimum of 14 days in advance. Please make sure you read the funding protocols and procedures before you submit your application. Applications can be emailed to or faxed to 604-946-1629.

In-school remedy - Fillable form