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H & S

KNOWabout any workplace hazards,

PARTICIPATEin health and safety matters,

REFUSEany unsafe work.

The crux of an effective safety program relies on everyonebeing vigilant reporting all injuries immediately to first aid and any concerns (“near-misses”) to a supervisor or DTA site representative to ensure these are reviewed during monthly meetings. Incidents include violent or aggressive behaviour by students or parents. VIOLENCE is NOT part of the job.

Members are encouraged to take a proactive role towards ensuring monthly site meetings are fulfilled. Ensure a time and place for a scheduled site meeting is agreed upon with another party. Encouragingly, the percentage of monthly site meetings being held has increased, but the district is not yet at the targeted 100% compliance mark.  The power for creating effective change is through maintaining active site committees!

The District Committee has reviewed and updated the Incident Reporting Poster. Look for it, soon to be posted in all staff rooms. The BCTF recommends that members use a WorkSafeBC 6A Report of Injury Form and not a district form. BCTF advice and resources for members is readily available at

Again, following the BCTF Zone meeting in October and hearing from neighbouring districts, I am confident reporting that the District Committee runs functionally and cooperatively. The committee is currently creating a Safety Program Manual - aimed at setting policy and reaching goals in a more effective and efficient manner.

Also, to my knowledge no members have taken advantage of their entitlement to 8 hours for Annual Education Leave – I suspect, members are not using this opportunity due to it being an increased workload. Information regarding courses can be found at Perhaps this will become a SURT focus for the 2013/14 school year.

WorkSafeBChas a new “Education Sector” where further resources, such as posters and videos are available at

Greg Staffard,
Health & Safety Chair

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