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Changes to PD Fund Allocation effective July 1, 2017


The PD Committee has voted to change the way the PD Fund is allocated to teachers. This change will be effective July 1, 2017.

Here’s a summary of the new allocations:

1.       Up to $1000 is available per member per school year for CREDIT COURSES only.

2.       Up to $500 is available per member per school for regular PD.

If you have already applied for funding for summer activities, your application will be adjusted to reflect the new changes. New forms have now been added to the website and First Class.

Any questions contact Marilyn


DTA supports your Pro-D!

The DTA PD Committee provides financial assistance for PD activities for active members including workshops, credit and non-credit courses, and self-directed PD. Interest–based group/LSA activities can also be funded. Please refer to this Pro D section of the DTA website for more information about opportunities, policies and the application process, including necessary forms. Schools are expected to co-fund most activities. Most important to note is that applications must be received (fax preferred) to the DTA office at least 14 days prior to the PD event, and must be signed by your principal and school PD contact. This deadline is strictly enforced (except for PSA day) so plan ahead!

PSA Conferences

PSA conferences are eligible for PD funding. Your school is expected to co-fund your PD applications, and your principal and PD contact must sign your form. Usually PD applications must be submitted at least14 days prior to the conference or workshop, but we make a special exception for these PSA day conferences; they must be in the office before 4pm the day before the PSA day. Nevertheless, please get your application in as soon as possible! For PSA day only, you may also claim membership fees in your application if they are included in your conference fee.


Don't forget to submit your PD receipts for reimbursement after the course is complete!

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