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What is PD?
def. (from BCTF Members’ Guide) Professional development is a process of ongoing growth, through involvement in programs, services, and activities designed to enable teachers, both individually and collectively, to enhance professional practices. For more information, please see the PD Lens.

Do I need to do PD?
As a professional, you can choose the activity that helps you become a better teacher. You do not necessarily have to do what others are doing but bear in mind as professionals we are part of a team, working collegially is sometimes a necessary thing.

How do I apply for PD funds?
Any active member may apply for PD funding. Complete the appropriate form; all forms are available on this website as well as on First Class. Once you have completed the form, have it signed by your PD Contact and your Principal. Submit the signed form to the DTA office along with the conference/workshop information (this information should include date, location and cost).  Please read all the guidelines that are attached to your application, it contains all the information you will need to apply for funds and obtain your reimbursement. Once your application has been approved, you will be given a tally # and your approved application will be sent back to you via the school mail.

When should I send in my application?
For regular funding and self-directed you need to have your application into the office at least 14 days prior to the event, credit course applications need to be received before the course begins. No late applications will be accepted! This will ensure there is enough time to have it processed and for you to receive an answer as to whether or not it has been approved.

Is it true I can apply for PD funding for an October PSA conference less than 14 days prior to the event?
Yes, this is the only time we will waive the 14 day deadline. Your application must be received by the DTA office no later than 4:00 pm the day prior to the October PSA conferences day.

What portion of the funding does the DTA cover?
This depends on what you are applying for. Regular funding is often shared by the school. Credit Course and Self-Directed are covered solely by the DTA.

Are there limits to the amount of funding I can receive?
Yes, currently the limits for Regular PD funding (form 5020R) is $600 and Credit Courses funding (form 5020CC) is $800.

Please note– all PD funding is based on the school calendar year July 1 – June 30th.

Is the cost of the TTOC included in the $600 limit?
If your school is not covering the TTOC cost, then yes, when you require a TTOC the cost incurred is included in the $600 allotted. The cost of the TTOC is not paid to you, we are invoiced by the Board office and we pay them directly. The reimbursement you receive is what you have been allocated minus the TTOC cost.

What is the cost of a TTOC?
As of September 2018, the cost of a TTOC for PD release is $310, but this is subject to change through the year by the District.

Is there any reason my funding application would be denied or modified?
Good question! Yes, there are occasions when funding will be denied or modified. A list of reasons can be found in the guidelines of the PD funding application.  Have your applications submitted on time to avoid a situation where you have registered for a conference/workshop you will not receive funding for.

How do I receive my reimbursement?
Once you have completed your course or workshop you need to submit all official receipts to the DTA office accompanied with your approved application that includes your tally #. All receipts need to be received by the DTA office no later than June 30th no cheques will be issued for receipts received after this date! Your cheque will be sent to you via the school mail.

If my application has been denied do I have any other options?
Yes. There is an appeal process you can utilize, below are the steps.

Appeal Process(see DTA Constitution 12:04):

Step 1. Appeal in writing to the DTA PD Committee stating grounds for the appeal, within 30 days of denial. Email your appeal to 

Step 2.If dissatisfied with the committee ruling, the colleague is entitled to a final and binding ruling by a special panel composed of the DTA President, plus two members of the Executive Committee who have not heard the original appeal, such appeal to be made with 30 days of the step on denial letter. Email your appeal letter to

Lastly, a reminder that PD days are working days – don’t misuse them or we may lose them altogether.



PD/FAQ’s 10Apr20 revised 2016, revised 19June21


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